Managed Services

Minimize equipment and system downtime with Managed Services provided by our team. We create a service package that is just right for your business based on the number of workstations and servers that you have.  Your business basically gets its own IT department, and you just pay a set monthly fee.  No more surprise repair costs, as you know what you will be paying every month for our services.  Using state-of-the-art software applications, NETSPECS technicians employ intelligent monitoring capabilities to securely monitor system performance and capacity, identify potential problems, diagnose and initiate resolution.

Proactive monitoring and real time resolution
With proactive monitoring, error conditions can be identified before downtime occurs— before you even know a potential problem exists. In most situations, problems can be resolved over the Internet in real time. Our service personnel can view and control your equipment as if they were on-site in your facility. Automatic downloads of software updates and upgrades can be done on demand. When on-site service is required, the service call is scheduled automatically.

Full range of equipment service
Your equipment maintenance and service plan from NETSPECS will include:

  • Preventive maintenance—performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s service operating procedures
  • Corrective maintenance—performed by service personnel equipped to provide prompt, reliable, and expert service
  • Call center—staffed to handle your service questions and requests every day, whenever you need help
  • Additional services—including extended hours coverage, image quality optimization

Secure access with authorization and encryption
NETSPECS remote management services can be easily integrated into your institution’s security practices with just minor modifications to existing IT security policies, while maintaining an audit trail of access and activity.  Authentication is done through user name and password with digital certificates in a public key infrastructure, and the data is encrypted using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) or through Secure VPN connectivity.

Website Design and Hosting

NETSPECS’s Web Site Design services give your business an advantage online. We will meet with you to determine what type of website you are looking to create, and what functionality you would like to offer your customers through it.  Once we have had this consultation, our team will design and develop your perfect website. We also offer additional services including proven Search Engine Optimization, meta tagging, and copy-writing to ensure that your website has the biggest impact possible.

The effectiveness of a great website can be greatly negated if you don’t have good hosting.  If pages are slow to load or the servers can’t handle the traffic that is coming to your site and it doesn’t load at all, people will close the page and go somewhere else. Our web hosting packages use only enterprise grade hardware & software solutions that are proven their reliability in the industry, featuring Supermicro, Western Digital, LSI, Areca & HP.  This combination gives your site optimal performance and stability, backed by our expert support team.

Ready for a Consultation?

If you are interested in using our services, we need to schedule a free consultation with your company.  During an IT consultation we will get a feel for what type of systems, software, and hardware that you are using, which will help our team get a better understanding so that we can provide the best service possible for your business.  If you are interested in a website, we will discuss what you would like to offer your customers on your site and the functionality (like online purchasing) that you would like to have available.