Who We Are

At NETSPECS, our mission is to help businesses & home users use advanced technology more efficiently. We sell and service personal computers and network servers built to your specifications. We provide computer repair, wireless internet solutions, networking as well as technical support and training for home users. NetSpecs is dedicated to our customers like no other company. Forming long-lasting relationships is our goal. We treat our residential and business customers in the same manner. Some companies give preferences to business customers and charge them more. We believe every client is important and on an equal level of priority.

Our Expertise

We have the expertise your business needs in an IT Manager, whether for a specific project or your day to day operations. We can help ensure that your business will always have the following:

  • An identified strategy that identifies all potential risks and identifies how they will be addressed.
  • A “roadmap” that is easy to follow with all steps leading to a successfully completed project.
  • The flexibility to adopt a different solution in the event that your business’s needs change.
  • Final results that meet all identified requirements and exceed expectations

Our Ideas About Quality

Quality of service is not just for networks anymore. IT is now a service based organization, that should follow quality management system practices and principles for the products and services it provides since they are vital to the performance of the business.

Most best practices used in IT today use a quality management system (QMS) that defines the standards of quality used within the organization. We feel that there there are certain quality management principles you should use as a guide, based on the established guidelines from the International Organization for Standardization, also called ISO. The ISO 9000 family of quality management standards and guidelines are used by companies around the world to establish and improve their quality management system.

We do not think that you need to fully implement the ISO 9000 standards for your IT, however we use these eight principles as guides to set up or improve your present quality management system.

  1. Customer Focus
    Organizations depend on their customers and therefore should understand current and future customer needs, should meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.
  2. Leadership
    Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They should create and maintain the internal environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives.
  3. Involvement of People
    People at all levels are the essence of an organization and their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the organization’s benefit.
  4. Process Approach
    A desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process.
  5. System Approach to Management
    Identifying, understanding and managing interrelated processes as a system contributes to the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its objectives.
  6. Continual Improvement
    Continual improvement of the organization’s overall performance should be a permanent objective of the organization.
  7. Factual Approach to Decision Making
    Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.
  8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships
    An organization and its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value